Many Seeds, Many Fields, Many Seasons.

  • São Gabriel Food Group owns the whole food cycle, farms , factories, distribution.
  • Sao Gabriel Food group provides traceability from our farms to our factories/processing plants … to your stores … to your table.
  • São Gabriel Food Group has modernized and expanded to be a self-sufficient, integrated operation. Our strict quality control guarantees quality and freshness. All the products we manufacture use ingredients that are supplied by our own growing division. We standby our products from seeds … to finished goods.
  • São Gabriel Food Group promises that all our products are of the most premium quality.
  • São Gabriel Food Group takes pride supplying different cultures and a variety of different markets.
  • São Gabriel Food Group has perfected our operations over many years and we take pride in having exceeded industry standards to be the reliable and trusted supplier of snack foods, pork, sheep, beef, grains and seeds.

Quality nutritious food is what we grow, from our farms to … our valued customers.

(All pictures on this web site are real photos taken on our farms and installations)

Core Business

The farms are the foundation of our organisation. We combine the resources of the farms, geography, soil and livestock with modern technological processes and traditional local know-how.

Grains, livestock, oil seeds and forest products complete our holistic approach to agriculture.

Farming to us is not about maximizing profit, it’s about maximizing nutrition.

Looking for healthier snacks and cereal ? Our snacks and cereal come from our farms and are non GMO, peanut free, and gluten free.

  • Extruded corn products
  • Popcorn
  • Caramel popcorn
  • Rice cakes
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Co-Packing

Maximizing production of pasture grass and cereals, has made us a self sufficient and reliable supplier of meat products.

  • Beef
  • Pork products
  • Lamb and Sheep
  • Goat
  • Custom cuts
  • Fresh and Frozen


Core Products


Throughout the crop cycle, our quality control people monitor the crop for peak readiness. After harvest and drying, we mill the wheat, corn and barley using industrial size stone burr mills to maximize flavor profile of the grain. Each stone burr meal is  dedicated for each grain to minimize cross contamination.

These crops are used to supply three main area of focus: our snack facilities, our livestock operations and flour for sale. What makes it possible to run these farms are the farm families and specialized staff that work in our operations.

Livestock Farming

Our animals are able to spread out and exists in a natural environment suited for their natural growth and development.

As the animals move to a new paddock, wastes are left behind and allowed to decay without the animals nearby.

The animals experience lower disease rates and require no or limited antibiotics, and fewer foot ailments.


Sunflower Oil is part of our strategy to attain farm profitability by adding value .

All oil seeds (mainly sunflower seeds) are cold pressed to make virgin oil which is used exclusively by our snack division.

The meal cake of the seeds goes to the feeding of our cattle.

The freshness of the oil highlights the unique taste profile of our snack foods.

Platinum Meat

Core Products


We make a wide range of the best tasting pork in the world from select heritage breeds. We produce limited number of pasture raised and forest finish pork. Bio security of our pastured pigs is paramount so no pig is put in the same ground for up to three years to break the pathogen cycle.

We also produce grain fed pork up to 192,000 hogs per year for export markets.


We grow 6700 cows per year on rotational pasture and hay.  The natural environment of our stress-free farms provides an animal with excellent growth and marbling of the meat. Bio security of our pastured cattle is paramount so no cattle is put in the same ground for 180 days to break the pathogen cycle

The final result is a nutrition dense protein with excellent marbling  and taste. A beef product you would be proud to feed your children.


Goats fill a niche in our bio cycle harvesting plants and shrubs that neither the cattle or the sheep will eat, thereby maximizing our output per acre.

Our Goats taste better because they eat better… in fact, the best nature can offer.


Our sheep flocks are important to our operations as they provide meat, wool (available only by large bales) and maximize usage of pasture by keeping the pastures even. Biosecurity of our pastured sheep is paramount so no sheep is put in the same ground for 365 days to break the pathogen cycle.

In fact, we farm 16,000 lambs per year to satisfy a growing taste for lamb in North America and the export market.

Snacks and Cereals

All our factories are peanut free.

Core Products


GMO free corn is extruded in our factory to produce the best corn snacks. They are traditional salty snacks with various seasonings and toppings (cheese, butter, sour cream and onion).

We use the whole corn with the germ in the kernel to maximize taste.

Corn is not an industrial commodity. It’s one of the world great grains, and we at Sao Gabriel leverage that taste to the maximum benefit of our clients taste buds.


Nature’s finest snack. Gluten free, trans-fat free diacetyl free. Perfect for any hour of the day.

Making the finest snack starts with the best grains, freshest seasoning and the best sea salt .

Making the finest snack on an industrial scale requires a factory with the latest modern equipment and a team of people with the knowledge and dedication to bring that great taste to your table.

Caramel Popcorn

Nature’s finest snack made tastier utilizing our sugar. We provide 100% control of this popular snack (available in traditional, maple syrup, toffee and pink candy).

We bring the world together to bring you the best caramel popcorn.

  • Popcorn seeds from Iowa farm
  • Sugar from our Brazlian farm and mill
  • Maple syrup from our Quebec farms
  • Butter from the milk of our New Brunswick farms
  • Sea salt from Portugal.


Our packaging flexibility allows to personalize your company’s identity for private label.

We also offer other products we don’t make ourselves.

  • corn chips
  • nachos
  • tortillas
  • pretzels (sticks and minis)
  • other

We offer a full line of delicious snacks.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are gluten free, nut free and lactose free. Another popular snack made from of the world’s ancient grains. They taste great with any spreads and toppings. The best snack of the day.

Whole grain brown rice from our Arkansas farm is matched with buckwheat from our Alberta and Portuguese sea salt to bring these rice cakes to a whole new level.

  • natural rice cake with sea salt
  • natural rice cake unsalted
  • sesame rice cake  with sea salt
  • sesame rice cake unsalted
  • buckwheat rice cake salted
  • buckwheat rice cake unsalted

We package to your requirements

Breakfast Cereals

The most important meal of the day should start with nutritional quality cereals, fortified with vitamins and minerals. Popular varieties include puffed rice, rolled oats, flaked corn, and multi-grains “O’s”, and they are 100% GMO free .

We grow these grains and produce these wholesome cereals to make you proud to serve your family without any of the concerns in today’s industrial cereals:

  • puffed rice
  • flaked whole corn
  • multi grain ( wheat, barley, flax, amaranth) “O’s”
  • puffed wheat


São Gabriel Food Group integration eliminates price variables throughout the farming cycle which provides stability and pricing to our clients independent of the world price market.


Respect for Mother Nature

We combine farming traditions with modern technological processes.


Low Cost Production


High Quality Ingredients


Flexible Production



Individualized Retail & Wholesale Services to our Clients

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